Best Compress image to 20kb online

Compress image to 20kb online (2020)

Compress image to 20kb online
Compress image to 20kb online

  Hi, most people ask me about the compress image to 20kb to 50kb online. Today I am here with the best step by step tutorial to compress image to 20kb and make your task easier. Before starting the steps let me tell you exactly what it is and how online images size reducer compress a picture online works.            

Why we need to reduce image file size?

When we scan a document with any good scanner it becomes with great details with lower the size of the image. But what if we don’t have a scanner? In that case, we capture the image of the document. But there is an issue you face. 

When we capture an image it becomes a larger size. When we try to upload that image on the site you asked to size limitation to upload. Now if you are not an expert in these it can be a headache for you.

How to compress photo into 20kb works

To compress an image it depends upon various factors like dimension or resolution, PPI, quality, etc. of the image. Higher the resolution larger the size. If you know the mechanism behind this you can easily compress any image using any good software. I recommend you caesium I personally use these and I love it. Using free photo compressor software like Caesium it becomes easier the work.

Condition to compress image online

If you really want an image size below 20kb I prefer you to do offline. Reason in online tools you don’t have that much flexibility to make sizes according to your requirement. However, I have to admit it that online tools are great in case of the only compression where you don’t have such required sizes. 

For Compress image to 20kb online I have listed some of the online tools or website which can give you the best output for you.

Compress image to 20kb online tools

1. Compressjpeg 



This is the most popular free image compression tool available online. You should definitely try it. It provides all the step by step guide to using the tool. You can easily compress up to 20 images at a time. Here are the simple steps to do it.

I. Click upload and select images from your device. Or drag and drop area and wait for the compression to finish.

ii. Now download compressed images separately or grouped in a ZIP file. 

 2. jpeg-optimizer 

Jpeg-optimizer is a free online tool for compressing image files. You will get all the step by step instructions how to use the tool. This tool is more flexible than 1st one where you get more options to get better results.

Here are steps to get your results

i. browse and upload the image

ii. Select the level of compression below 50. The higher the value higher the size, lower the value lower the size and low-quality image.

iii. Resize the image if you are not getting the result you want to put the value width and height.

iv. Now optimize.

3. Compressnow 



Using this tool compresses image faster in three steps

i. select the image you can select multiple images and just drag and drop.

ii. Select the percentage of the level of compression.

iii. Just download the image file.

4. Compress-image-size 



Compress JPEG file to a specified size in MB, KB or in % online

i. Upload a JPEG Image

ii. Specify the size of the image that you want.

iii. Compress and download the file.

  Now still, if your task Compress image to 20kb online is not done Try to do it with offline tools. Try these 100% working tools here read more about reduce image size in KB.

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