Compress image to 20kb offline (2020)

Compress image to 20kb

Compress image to 20kb
Compress image in kb

Compress image to 20kb
Compress image to 20kb 

    Compress the image
is the most searched query. Do you want to Reduce jpg file size? You are in the right place. The software makes our work easier if you know to use it properly. To reduce image size in kb I am going to use caesium image compression software. 

You can download it from here it is an open-source free for all. This is one of the best applications to reduce the size of an image. People also ask how to compress image to 20kb? Hope all of your queries related to reduce jpeg file size will be ended up here.

This the article is not only for 20kb it is applicable for all sizes like compress jpeg to 100 kb, Jpeg compress to 100kb and reduce file size of jpeg, compress jpeg to 50kb, jpg compress

To compress image size properly you need to know some basic concept of an image size compressor to complete the task. The Higher the resolution and PPI (i.e. quality) of the image larger the image size. So, keep in mind that when you are going to compress an image you have to compromise either size or the quality.

To get the exact targeted size of the image you will need to do some basic calculations respected to the resolution and PPI. Discussed below.

Resize / reduce Resolution:-

Keep in mind that when resizing and image you should maintain the aspect ratio. So that it looks natural.

You can input resize in different measurements like pixel, inch, ft., cm, etc. I recommend pixels. You can input the height and width of the image separately to get resized.

Or when you select maintain aspect ratio it will get the other value if you put only one value. Remember to maintain the ratio.

Reduce Quality (PPI)

Quality depends upon the PPI pixel per inch. More the pixel density larger the image size vice versa. So, we have to change the values according to our requirements. In caesium quality option reduce the value or PPI or dpi.

Example Here are the steps to get the Compress image to 20kb

Here I am going to use caesium image compressor. Caesium is an open-source software that means it’s completely free.  I personally use this software to compress image to 20kb.

i. Go and download caesium from the official site. After downloading just install the .exe file. Now run the caesium.

ii. Now simply add or drag and drop your image. You can choose multiple images at a time if you want to do so.

iii. Now Click on the image in caesium and change settings below.

Check the resize and the keep aspect ratio. Input the resize values after calculation as shown below.

Basic calculation to get targeted size in caesium

Look at the resolution example in my case it is (5315*3543px) (width*height). Now, look at your targeted resolution height or width anyone. Suppose I need the height 250px then simply put 250px in the height box and the width will adjust automatically.

iv. Now click on apply you can see the New resolution has applied.

v. Now Click on the preview this will give you an idea about the size of the image.

N.B: If you are not getting the size below 20kb,

Reduce the quality little bit and preview. Till you get the size you need.

vi. After getting the size required select the output folder and click on compress.

Hope you ended up with the best results.

Conclusion: whether I explained very shortly as I can. After using a couple of days you will get handy with the software and I am sure that you going to love it and you will never search for any query related to compress image to 20kb. There are many more tools in the market that image size reducer in KB and complete your task easily. But I shared this from my experience to help people.

I will glad if you share this with others. Thank you have a great day.

Watch the full video tutorial

Do you know?

Nowadays A simple android app can do this simple task even you don’t need any computer. Let me know in the comment if you want a step by step tutorial about how to compress image to 20kb online, file size reduce jpgphoto convert into 20 Kb app s is available on the play store.

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