How to mirror mobile screen to PC without any lag 2020

How to mirror mobile phone to pc
Mirror screen to pc

How I mirror my mobile screen to pc without any lag
          Hello guys today I am sharing with you the method that I use to mirror my mobile screen to pc or computer without any lag in HD via USB cable.
        So basically there are lots of other software’s available online to mirror screen, but no one of them gives you full satisfaction and good experiences. A couple of months back I tried lots of software’s to mirror my mobile screen to pc but my experiences are not so good so I  continued my research to find good software. Then I got to know about one of the software on GitHub and tried it and I am fully satisfied with that software. Because it gives the best experiences over all the other software’s available in the market. Sorry but it’s not a sponsored post it is from my experiences.
So the software is scrcpy. 
          It is not the standalone software that you can set up in one click you have to set up it. It is very to do just follow all the steps that I mentioned here.
Download all necessary file
You gonna need only two zip files to download
Step1 download ADB package. size:- 4MB
Step2 download scrcpy tool from the original source link provided below.
Download the file according to your system 32bit or 64bit.
mirror mobile screen to PC 2019
Direct download link:-
After download finished extract the zip files.

Now open C drive in your computer and make a new folder name it “ADB”.

Copy all the files from the two folders and Paste all the files into the ADB folder.
copy files

Connect your phone to PC as MTP and enable USB debugging from developer option that’s it.  How to open the developer option? Comment below if you don't know I will help you.

Now to check that your device is working or connected properly or not. just follow the simple steps below. 
Open command prompt (press win + R and type cmd), Go to adb directory that we created in c drive using command. If you don’t know how to use command prompt do this type cd.. and again cd.. Now type cd adb then adb devices this will show you the connected devices to your pc that’s it.

open runopen command prompt

Now run the application name called scrcpy.exe from adb folder and boom you will see the mobile screen appears on the PC.
that's it thank you guys please comment if it was helpful for you or ask any queries related.

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