Create 360-degree photo using only your phone.

360-degree photo using smartphone 2020

360 photo using mobile

wanna create or capture a 360-degree photo only using your phone? you don't need to have any high-end camera to create 360 photo.
Is it possible to capture 360-degree photo only using a phone? the answer is Yes, no I am not lying it is possible 100%. But how? it is very simple using any application that can merge photos, to do that, you need to capture lots of images of the surroundings and then, later on, merge all the photos into one image spherically.

The process is not so long but its a little bit time consuming, so if you are interested to know here are the processes I am going to tell you to step by step. To create a 360-degree photo you gonna needs an application in your mobile it is street view it is available on the play store.
1.install the street view application from the play store. the app and provide all the permissions that it needs.

3. Now click on the camera icon. this will open three options 
i. link external 360 camera
ii.import 360 photos
so, since we are going to create using our mobile just select the camera option.
4. Now capture lots of images to all the directions app shows in orange color.  
5. After capture finished just click on done and wait for some time the app will start to process the image. 
After finish the process you can upload the photo to google map or anywhere you want to share. you can find the photo to your phone internal storage in panorama folder that's it.
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