Monect PC remote. How to use phone as pc remote.

How to use my phone as a PC Remote. (tips)
Monect pc remote

     Hello guys today I am sharing that how can you use an android, iOS, windows phone or tablets as a remote or mouse to control your pc.
        Actually three years back I just tried to use my android phone as a mouse, so that I searched on google and that time I was only able to find hardly one software that was PC peregrinator, after trying that I was successful. But now if you search that you will find lots of software’s and I tried a lot of them. So, Today I am going to suggest one of the Best PC remote software I used for a long time even still I am using it, which is quite simple and easy to use. I hope that this one will be good to share with you. Hope you will like it.

Monect PC remote.

       So, the software is Monet Pc remote that I want to share with you developed by Monect. This app got almost 1M+ downloads on play store. Wherever there are a lot more apps but I think this one has more features than others. This software works on a Wi-Fi adapter to connect your Mobile with PC. I am not going to tell you all the functions and how to use it just giving you an overview of the application. How to download the Monet pc remote rest is on your interest. To get all the required software’s and file just go to the official website and download it.
Just go to the official website Click here
Step 1
Download the server software and install into your pc Size - 5.84MB
Step 2
Install the Pc remote app into your phone or tablet it works for all popular platforms android, iOS, and windows. Size – 43.52MB

How to connect
Monect pc remote

To connect Run the application both in your computer and phone. Click on QR code on the Monect PC remote app now scan the QR code on your mobile app by just clicking connect and that’s it very simple.
Just turn on hotspot on your mobile and connect your pc that’s it now open the app click on connect and select your pc name that’s it. Now you are ready to use. Just have a try definitely you will like it.
Watch the video tutorial:

Useful Features of Monect Pc remote:

Media controller:  Media controller is to make audio-video control easy.
PowerPoint remote: It makes easy to control PowerPoint presentation.
Web remote: To control your web browser actions remotely.
Type using Mobile.
Mouse:  Use your screen as a mouse with full features
Gamepads and games:
the application comes with some preloaded flash games which remind back to ’90s days.  It is preloaded with some gamepads like shooting mode, GTA 5, ACE COMBATE, Assassins creed odyssey, Devil May Cry5, Xbox Gamepad, Racing, Street Fighter, The Witcher, etc. to make easy to play through your mobile that you don’t need any controller. The best part is you can build up your custom game controller.

Utility tools: It has some awesome features that I have to tell you about.
Remote desktop:  PC screen will directly project to your mobile and you can control it very easily.
Projector:  This feature allows you to project your Mobile screen into your PC screen.
Data Cable: the feature allows you to transfer files from your mobile to pc directly wirelessly.
This Pc: This features make it possible to access all your files and folders into your mobile.
Task Manager: This shows currently what are the software’s running into your computer.
Blackboard: Using this feature you can use your PC screen as a Blackboard that allows you to write anything.
Microphone, Camera: control pc microphone and Camera using this feature.

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