Download files directly to cloud storage.

Download files directly to cloud storage(2020).

save files to google drive

       Save files to google drive or any cloud storage directly from the internet without downloading.
So basically when a file is already available online but you want to host that files too. In that case, what we do first we download the file and then we re-upload that files. It might be time-consuming if the file is too large and it will use max bandwidth. So, I am giving you this shortcut trick that is how you can skip the download and upload step i.e you can directly send that file into your google drive or any other cloud storage services that you use.
         There are many online free services which you can use it to do this. Here I am giving you one example of the services. So, a website MultCloud proved that services for free. Here is the step by step guide to do the task using MultCloud.
Features of MultCloud
Cloud File Transfer
Cloud File Sync
Cloud File Manager
Other Features
How to use MultCloud.
1.       Visit MultCloud official website and sign up using email id to create a new account.
SignUp to multCloud

2.       After creating an account login.
3.       Now click on add cloud storage services. Then select the cloud storage services to access the storage now connect it with your account on it. Example if you want to add google drive just click on google drive icon and login to your email account. This will ask you to allow them to access your google drive.  After adding the service you can easily access all the files and folders from the here.
select the storage

4.       Now to transfer files from another website to your cloud storage
5.       Copy the link of that files 
6.    Now select the folder where you want to save the files and open it then click on upload then click on upload URL then OK.
Paste the URL
Paste URL
click upload

That’s it. The download will start automatically you can check the progress by just clicking the button near the profile name. 
Thank you.

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