Best way to active windows 10 for free.

Activate Windows 10 for free font required any software.
windows 10 active
windows 10 active

So, without activating your system you can't use some of the features in windows 10. like it doesn't allow you to change the wallpaper and many more. to get access all the feature you need to activate your system. so solve the problem I am here with you to tell you how you can do that.
you can activate your windows by entering the original product key if you have the original one following the builtin active option.
or using some of the activator available online but it is risky to use.
So, I am telling you the easiest way to activate the windows 10 without any software and activation key.
This will work only for windows 10.
1. follow the link and download the text file (don't worry it does not contain any malware or viruses)
2. After download complete open the file in a text editor and save the file name as "windows10.cmd" remember the last extension should be .cmd and save the file.
windows 10 activation key windows 10 active

3. Now right-click the mouse on the "windows10.cmd"  file and run as administrator.
windows 10 active

4. Now, wait for a second to complete.
5. restart your system. that's it.
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