Best PC Remotes (2020)

Best PC Remotes (2020)

Best PC Remotes (2020)

Best PC Remotes (2020)

Some of the best popular PC remote apps available on the play store are listed below. All of these apps are available on the play store. Most of the apps are free to use and some are premium.

1. Remote Link (PC Remote): over 10M of downloads and a 4.4-star rating. Size 6.3MB

2. Remote Mouse: 5M+ downloads and 4.1star rating. Size 13MB

3. Unified Remote: 10M+ downloads rating 4.5star. size 3MB only

4. TeamViewer for Remote Control: 50M+ download and a 4.5-star rating

5. Microsoft Remote Desktop: 10M+ downloads and rating 4.2 star

6. VNC viewer- Remote Desktop: 1M+ downloads and 4.5 rating

7. Any desktop remote control Etc.: 5M+ downloads and 4.2 rating

8. Monet Pc remote: 1M+ downloads 4.2 rating

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