How to install WordPress into pc.

Install WordPress into pc

You can install WordPress on your PC or computer to build up your site. If you want to install WordPress offline and want to test it then you can follow this. When you install WordPress locally all the files gone be store in your computer and this means only you will be able to access your website. When you built your site completely then you can also move it to a live website.
It is going to be totally free we are going to do it in just simple steps-
First we need to download a software called ‘bitnami WordPress’. This is the software which is going to allow us to run WordPress on our computer.
To download it search ‘binami WordPress’ on google click the first link, go to the site and download it. Or click here visit.
Install WordPress into pc

Now, Install the downloaded software, to do so, Open the software downloaded click ok now keep clicking next. And now create an admin account for your WordPress site. You’ll need to enter your Name, Email Address, login ID and Password. Note: - Remember the password and ID. Once you done keep clicking next and click install then finish.
Now to open the WordPress Just click on the ‘Access to the WordPress’ this will open the WordPress into the browser. Now you can access your site anytime by just going to the ‘loclhost/wordpress/’ url.
Now to access your WordPress account anytime just type ‘login’ to end of the url.
Example- "localhost/wordpress/login" and enter the password and  user name created. Once you login you can start building your website on your computer locally.
So that’s it hope you like it thank you so much. Once you built your website you can move it to online.

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