Convert image to editable text(2020)

Convert image to editable text. 

image to text
      Spending so much time to type projects or any document from a hard copy? Then this article may help you in boost up your work. 
    So, basically, I am going to tell you about how you can use OCR (optical character reader) to convert your images to editable texts. In PC you can use PDF editor tool like “Adobe Acrobat” or “PDF editor” etc. But you can also use your smartphone there are a lot of apps are available in the play store that you can use for your work.

Using Smartphone

    Install any image to text scanner app. The most popular app is Cam Scanner but it is a premium app you can use other free apps. Here I have shown you the clear scanner app. download it from the play store.

Capture image:

    Using the app capture an image or import an image from the gallery (capture high-quality image) after that Adjust the image outline by clicking on the blue dots then select the filter that clear the image most and save the result.


    Now open the image and click on OCR it will start processing to recognise all the texts in the image.
After finishing the process the result pop-ups. Just click on copy and paste it to the note.


    Then share the document to your PC as .txt using Bluetooth or any other way if you want to edit the document. Or you can share anywhere you want directly from the app.
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