Protect your WhatsApp data(2020)

Protect your WhatsApp data.

Whatsapp google drive

      WhatsApp is the most popular social chatting platform among all Android and iOS users. If you use WhatsApp then you may have faced the problem actually most of the time when we reinstall the WhatsApp all the account got reset all the data got deleted. So to prevent losing data read these article to the end.
     If you don’t want to lose your WhatsApp account data you need to back up your data continuously. So WhatsApp provides the feature to backup data to your google drive account or iCloud account for both Android and iOS users. That later you can access your WhatsApp data any time anywhere even if you reinstall the WhatsApp your data can be restored.
      I have explained here all the complete steps how to back up your WhatsApp data to your google drive account regularly automatically. So let’s get started.
Note: - For that, you will need to have a Gmail account if you don’t have please make one.
Open your WhatsApp.
Click on the dot menu top of the corner.
Click on the chat option.
In the chat options menu click on chat back up.
Now change the default google drive settings –

1.set the backup period for backup.
2. Now set the Gmail account where you want to keep all your data.
3. Now backup over option tells you in which network you wish to backup Wi-Fi or cellular data.
4. Check the option include videos if you want to back up your WhatsApp videos don’t recommend it because it consumes more data than normal.
Now click on the backup button then uploading will start. Wait for some time till the backup process completed. That’s it all done all you WhatsApp data save for future use.
Whenever reinstall the WhatsApp again just restore all the data by downloading those data from google drive account.
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