Hreflang tag for blogger.

Hreflang tag for blogger.

hreflang tag for blogger

When you submit your article to google webmaster tool you may see a notification that missing hreflang tag.

Now the question is what is hreflang tag?

My answer is to index any article in the Google webmaster tool you need to specify that what the specific language is you are using in your blog. So google webmaster tool don’t specify your language that is only you have to tell the webmaster tool about the language you have used. That is the only hreflang tag by which you can tell webmaster tool about the language of your blog. Every website needs to put the hreflang tag to specify the language it’s very important unless you don’t specify this tag your website or blog will not show in the search results.

How to set up hreflang tag for blogger or WordPress?

You don’t need so many researches to add hreflang tag by just following these simple steps you will be done.
Remember: the language specified attribute is different as per language you have to find your language attribute.
Here is a sample code of hreflang tag with language English.

<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="en" />

Just copy and paste these codes to your blogger theme in the head section. If your blog is in other languages than replace the “en” with your appropriate language and replace the example. come with your website Url. If you don’t understand the whole process I have a solution for you.
Just use an hreflang tag generator tool to get the hreflang tag for your blogger. Click here and paste your blogger or website URL. Then copy the hreflang tag and paste it into your theme head tag.

Thank you.

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