Boost your typing with the dictation tools 2020

dictate voice to text

Thanks to steady development in voice recognition tools, using a recognizing tool is no more frustrating. Comparing to your typing speed this method is a little bit quicker. You don’t need any extra hardware to setup dictation tool you need just a microphone which is capable of picking up words. It’s don’t matter what operating software you are using, there are verities of tools available for absolutely free. In this topic, here I will discuss the most popular two free tools Google docs and Dictation tool for MS-Word.

Using Google Docs:-

If you don’t use Google docs yet, I will recommend you to try at least once, it is the best tool for converting your voice into text. If you don’t know about what google docs is? it is an online word processing tool a product by Google and it is absolutely free for all platforms. In Google docs rather than only texts, you can also use to make presentation and sheets. Google docs provide the feature voice typing which makes google docs more likely. To use voice typing in the google docs you just need to open google doc app in chrome or any web browser and sign to your Gmail account. In the google docs go to tools and select voice typing and a microphone icon will appear you just have to tap the icon and start speaking. Google docs will convert your voice into text, it’s easy and simple. You can also check for some commands which helps in correct the incorrect words. Now you can download your document or you can just copy all text and paste it into any word processor software.

Using Ms- Word:-

Dictation tool for Ms-Word Microsoft project it is still in the experimental phase. To use voice typing in Ms-Word you will need to download the dictation tool, to download Click here. Install the dictation tool. After completing the successful installation open Ms-Word and you will see the dictation tool in your menu bar. Just start the dictation tool and start speaking you will see word are converting into texts.

Instead of a dictation tool, you can also use windows voice recognition tool. You need to first set up the voice recognition tool. To set up voice recognition tool open Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Speech Recognition\start speech recognition tool. Now open Ms- Word creates a new document place the cursor to the page and start speaking. You will see all the word you speaking all are automatically converting to text. That’s it thank you. Comment me if it was helpful to you and share with your loved one who types most of the time.

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