5 things you should know if you are using internet in your smartphone.

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Don’t use Unknown sources apps:
An app with an unknown publisher is called unknown app. Sometimes it can be very harmful to your device and can threat in security. In case you have installed any unknown application, I will suggest you uninstall it as soon as.  Because of unknown applications, you may be get hacked sometimes or they can access your personal data such as phone directory, gallery, Mails, everything in your device. Using such an app anyone can control your whole device without any permission of you. But you can’t blame anyone because it is an unknown. If your privacy is your priority then uninstall those unknown applications. I will suggest you don’t download an app from any websites or from any others sites. Only use trusted apps from play store.

This is the one point you must look if you want to keep secure your smartphone. Check all the apps which takes the permissions that actually don’t necessary for that particular apps to work.  Maybe that app is collecting your information without having the knowledge of you. There only way to stop or prevent this, you have to deny all the permissions that is not necessary for the app and the second way is uninstall the app. Here I will tell you how you can deny permission of a particular app
Go to settings >> Apps >> Installed apps >> tap on the apps >> App permission >> you will see all the permission allowed just turn it off. By this process, you will need to do for each app particularly.
Or you can just simply follow steps-
Go to Settings >> Permission >> you will see all the services. Now you need to see what types of permission is using by which app.  Just turn off the permission.

Disable cookies for untrusted sites:
Cookies are the stored information in your computer or smartphones by other websites, apps which are used to connect the web server with client site computer or smartphone. In cookies, there can save sensitive information that you would not be like to share with others. In some cases, stored cookies can risk your smartphone. Most of the websites don’t need cookies permission but some of the websites need cookies to access. I will suggest using incognito mode of the browser if you want to share your cookies with untrusted websites.

Do not save passwords:
Don’t save any passwords in your browser it can be very risky. For a hacker, it makes easy to hack someone’s online account if your password is saved in your browser. So, I recommend to don’t save any passwords in your device.

Check the links before login:
Before log in into any online account check the link twice. You are can be a target by hackers. If you surfing any untrusted websites please don’t do that next time. When hacker target someone they try to fishing victims and it is one easiest way to hack someone's account. So keep at least once to the website links before login.

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