Remove malware using Google chrome.

remove malwares

What Malware is?

     Malware is unwanted unnecessary harmful software’s that can badly affect your pc or computer. Ruins your user experience or you may get frustrated if you didn't know what is going on.

How they come to our system?

            When you surf the internet to various websites. Some of the websites install malware, suspicious software’s and other harmful software’s, spyware etc. unknowingly to your pc.

How to know that malware is present on your computer?

    Here is some point you may notice in your pc when there any malware is present.
• Search engine or default home screen changes automatically to the unknown website in your browser without your permission.
• Regular alerts about viruses and infected devices
• Hijacked your browser and redirect automatically to the unknown website.
• Unwanted popups and tabs opened.
            In that case, we need a good antivirus software to protect from them that scan your computer and to remove or delete those unwanted malicious software’s.
            If you have Google Chrome as your internet browser you don’t require any antivirus to remove that malware. Google chrome provides the built-in feature to scan and remove that unwanted malicious unwanted software’s from your PC and web browser. This feature in Google Chrome comes with the named “Clean up computer”.
           If you face those problems with your PC or web browser you can get rid of with the help of google chrome “clean up tool”.
Just follow these simple steps:
• Open your google chrome, Go to the main menu (3 dots present top-right corner).
• Now click on “Settings”.
• Now the chrome setting page will open. Scroll down and click on “Advance option”.

clean up computer
Clean up computer

• Scroll down to bottom and now click on “Clean up computer”.
find malware

• It will open the built-in clean-up tool. Now click on “Find” to scan for malware.
• You can send report contains details about malicious software’s installed in your system, you can turn it on or off it’s your choice.
        That’s it. Now the scan will take few minutes to find malicious or any suspicious software in your computer and it will remove that software.
Thank you! 

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