How to use google docs offline?

How to use google docs offline
Google Docs

              Hey, do you use google docs often? Then I think, you must to have known this trick. I love google docs and I often use it for my works, did you? Just try it as it’s very easy to use. If you don’t know what it is just read this brief description?

What is google docs?

          Google Docs is an online base word processor application. That means it’s used for editing or writing document such as word, spreadsheet, and presentation online. Don’t worry all you document will save into your google account and it is safe and it’s free of Couse.
              After using it my opinion is it is great. But there is a problem the problem is that as it is an online based what if you don’t have internet? Like when you traveling in airplanes and you want to access your docs? Or like you are in a place where you can’t access the internet. You might get disappointed. In that case, the question comes to mind about how to use google docs offline?  or can I use google docs offline?, I am here with you to solve your problem. Yes, you can use google docs offline. I will explain step by step how you can do that. Just read the whole steps and follow carefully. I am sure that you’ll love it, but don’t forget to thank me! Just leave a comment below.

Steps to use google docs offline        

Open your google chrome browser as it will work flawlessly with chrome if don’t just install it. Now sign in to your google docs account. In the left side upper corner click on 3line menu option and open the “Settings”. 
google doc offline

Turn on the setting “Offline” and press “ok”. That’s it now you can use Google docs offline, wait for a minute till setting up offline. 
google docs offline

To check its working or not just disconnect your internet connection and reopen the Google Docs.
         Comment me if it was helpful to you and share with anyone who uses google doc often. Thank you!

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