How to save WhatsApp status 2020?

     Do you know? All WhatsApp statuses you watch in your WhatsApp already saved in your internal storage. You don’t need any third party apps to download WhatsApp statuses. All you just need to know these simple trick. So, just read the complete article and you will understand how it works.
Hello, readers hope you are fine. So, to today I'll tell you how, you can save the WhatsApp status of others, it’s quite simple and easy! You just need to follow the simple steps and the best part is you don’t need to have any third party apps. While there are lots of apps and software’s are available in the play store, but I think those apps are only junks taking memory in your phone and irritate users by showing lots of adds. I am sure you going to remove all those junks after knowing this tricks. So, let's get start it:
Before saving the status you need to watch the full status of the user which you want to download.

Step 1-
whatsapp status save
Show hidden files

        After watching the status go to your file explorer then open setting and check the options show hidden files and folders.

Step 2-
whatsapp status save
.Status folder

Now go to the folder WhatsApp then >> Media then >>.Statuses
That’s it. In the Status folder, all statuses that you have seen in the past all of them are saved in this folder.

Step 3-
whatsapp status saver
copy and paste

Now copy the status and paste it to another folder to save permanently.

Now you might have a question if statuses are already in storage then why not show in the gallery?
Because, since this folder was hidden so, statuses don’t show up in the Gallery. Now what you need to do is if you want to save it other place or want to show into the gallery. Just select the status and copy or cut into another folder that’s it all done.

What you think it is helpful or not? Please let me know in the comment me below and share with your loved one and let them know this simple trick.  

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