How to protect pdf file?

encrypt pdf
Encrypt pdf
Sometimes it is necessary to encrypt your pdf files to protect your sensitive information’s. Today here you will learn how to encrypt or protect your pdf files. Just follow these simple steps.
Requirement: Here in this tutorial I am using adobe acrobat pro make sure that you have in your system. Also, you can use other pdf editor software’s like “pdf editor pro”. Adobe Acrobat is a PDF editor software specially used for PDF editing purpose created by Adobe Corporation. You can do anything with your pdf file using acrobat pro. Ok without wasting your time let’s move to the steps.
1. The first step to “Open acrobat pro”,
2. The second step is Click on “Tool” option in acrobat pro,
3. The third step clicks on “protect”.
4. fourth step click on “encrypt” option below the menu bar, then select the option “Encrypt with password” and click “Yes”.
password protect pdf

5. The fifth step is Check the box “require a password to open the document”, then type the password you want to have then click “ok”. Now again confirm your password. Press “Ok”.

pdf password

6. Six step is to save the document to save document click on the “file” on the menu bar.  Then save the document. That’s it thank you for reading you can also watch this video for better understand. Thank you.

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