How to convert PDF to JPG

Just follow the following simple steps:-
Convert pdf to jpg
   Here I am going to tell you two methods which you can use either in MAC or windows the same for both platforms.
Using Acrobat Pro:
       At first, open your Acrobat pro, open your PDF file in Acrobat Pro (to open the file just drag your file into it or open by clicking at the top “FILE” option top of the menu bar). 
After Opening the file click on the “FILE” option from the top of the menu bar. Then click on the “SAVE AS” option.

pdf jpg

Now rename you your file if you want, it is not necessary and selects the save as type as “JPG” or “PNG” from the options. As pictures shown above. That’s it all done your file will successfully convert. 
Now let’s come to the second method.
Using the online tool:
              Open a new tab in your browser and search for “” click on the first link, now you’ll see there are many free services that we can use for free.
 But we are here to only talk about PDF to image. So, just select the option “PDF TO JPG” and now upload your file just with drag and drop after completing the upload, you have to select the option for- a) extract a single image or b) entire page convert. 
online pdf to jpg converter
pdf converter
Select any one option, then click on “CHOOSE OPTION” the conversion process will start automatically and your image file will be ready within a minute. Just download the file to your system.
     All done. Your PDF file successfully converted to an image file. If you have any doubt please look into the video. Thank you! If it was helpful to you Share with your friend who needs this types of help trick and comments below if you need any help from me.

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