Convert PDF to a word document?


pdf to word
pdf to word
How to convert:
There many ways to convert pdf document to word document. Here I am going to tell you three different ways by which you can convert your pdf file to word file.
1.Using Online Tool
There is a much web-based application available online which provide the facility to perform a task like an edit pdf, convert pdf to word etc. Using that online application you can convert your pdf document to word document in a minute online and it is very easy. There are lots of website online that provide the free tools to convert pdf into a word document. I’ll explain you step by step you can follow.
·         Open your browser
·         Search for
pdf online
Pdf to word online
Select the option pdf to word
pdf to word converter free
Pdf to word online
Upload your pdf file
The process will start automatically
     Then click on the download file.
That’s it all done now go to your download folder and open the file with Ms. Word.
2.Using google doc
Follow the following steps to convert:
    Using google doc you can convert any pdf file into a word document in a minute and you can also edit your pdf file in the google doc.
·         Open chrome browser or any browser you have.
·         Open your google drive account and upload your pdf file.
·         Preview it by double-clicking. Now click on “open with” google doc
           Now you can edit your pdf in the google doc.
pdf to doc
Using google doc

·         To save in Microsoft word file click on the “file” option top of the menu bar.
·         Select “download as” Microsoft Word (.doc)
That’s it all done you have successfully converted your pdf file into Ms-word document, now you can modify in Ms. Word.
3.Using Pdf editor
     There are many pdf editor tools are available in the market you can use them, but you have pay for it. I don’t recommend you to buy it if you don’t edit pdf most frequently, but if you used to edit pdf frequently I’ll recommend to you. Here I am using the adobe acrobat pro to show you how you can convert your pdf documents to a word. You can use any pdf editor steps are same for all.  
It is the easiest way to convert your pdf to a word document. Don’t know? follow the steps-
·         Open your pdf file in adobe acrobat pro or any pdf editor tool.
·         Look at the top left to the menu bar and click on “File” option.
·         Now click on “Save as” option.
pdf to word converter
Acrobat  Pro.
 Now select the folder or drive where you want to save the word file click on “Choose a Different Folder” select your folder
  Now rename the file (optional) and change the save as type click on that and select the type as "Word document "(*.docx).
·         Click "save".
      That is all done. Hope this will solve your problem. If you find it helpful please comment appreciate my work and share your ones who need this solution.

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