5 Gboard settings you must know.

        Hey, readers today I am going to tell you 5 setting about google keyboard (gboard) you should know if you are using Google keyboard in your smartphone. You know you can customize your Gboard as you want to have. Here is the list of five settings by which you can customize. Just follow my instruction.
     Before going to settings, if you don’t know how to open your keyboard setting just follow:-
Open settings >> Additional settings >> Languages & input >> keyboard & input methods.
gboard settings
gboard settings

1.   Change your keyboard language-

        You know there are lots of languages available in Gboard and you can choose your own language from Gboard keyboard settings. In total Google board supports over 300+ languages now. You can change your current language on gboard in just simple steps.
Open settings >> languages & input >> keyboard & input methods >> languages >>  now select the language from the list, Done.

2.   Change your keyboard Theme-

gboard themes

      Are you getting bored using the same style of your keyboard and want to change it? There are various themes available in the Google board. Replace Google board theme with your favorite images.
Open Gboard keyboard settings >> select the theme

3.    Use Voice typing:

gboard setting
speak to type

           Google voice typing is feature can save your lot more time if you type often on your phone. If you haven’t used it, just use it. If you don’t know how to use it? Open you’re Google board and press on the microphone icon and it’ll start listening to your voice and whatever you’ll speak automatically converted to text, its work very well. You can be set up google voice typing setting on google voice typing such as you can install your preferred language for offline typing.

4.    Text correction

             Auto text correction feature helps you lot if you do grammatical mistakes when you type. Turn on auto correction setting as shown below process. In default, this feature is automatically turn on. If you wanted to disable you can also do that. You can also use google spell checker, just turn it on. Here the list of setting you can change in the picture.

5.    Preferences

       In preference section you and setting up like Sound on key press, Keyboard height (maintain your keyboard height), Vibration on key press.
Pop-up on key-press (pop-up animation of text), One hand mode (when your screen is too large to handle with one hand using this feature makes easy to use), Voice input key etc.
 Thank you!

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