10 most useful features of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Most useful PowerPoint features
Microsoft PowerPoint
Hey, today I am going to share with you about 10 PowerPoint tips & tricks you should know if you often use PowerPoint for your presentation. Here all the tips and tricks all from my experience I often use them in my presentation and hope this will also help you. So, let’s get started. 

Duplicate slides (Ctrl + D)-

When you want to use the same design for all the slides this feature is quite helpful for you. This feature allows you to duplicate your current slides multiple time. To duplicate the slide just select the current slide you want to duplicate and press “CTRL+D” as many slides you want.

Shape edit points-

shape edit pints PowerPoint
shape edit point
shape edit point PowerPoint
shape edit points

This feature allows you to edit predefined shapes. It is very helpful when you want to make your own custom shape design in your presentation. To edit the shape just click on the shape and got to the “FORMATE”  on the top menu bar then click on edit shape option and select edit points. Now you can edit the shape by changing the points on the shape.

Ungroup smart objects-

Ungroup smart object PowerPoint
ungroup smart objects

This option helps to edit existing smart objects. To break down it and making the custom smart object as a user want to have. To do this just select all the shapes in the smart object then go to the home menu >> arrange >> ungroup. as shown above.

Quick alignment-

quick align PowerPoint
Quick align 

Quick align is the feature you can use to place all the object in a certain mannered position. It allows aligning all the objects in a single click. To make quick align just select all the object in that slide and click on “FORMAT” menu and select “align” option as you want to have. You can also use gridline feature to place in correct position manually.

Chart animation-

chart animation in PowerPoint
chart animation

          If you often use the chart in your powerpoint presentation then you must use this feature if you want to make charts more attractive. To play with chart just select the chart  then >> animation >> add animation >> animation pane >> effect options >> chart animation >> now select the options that you like to add.

Inc. equation (insert formula)-

insert formula in PowerPoint
insert formula

Hey, this feature is for those who often use math in their presentation. As this feature allows to insert custom handwritten formulae into slides. To enter the formula just go to insert menu and click on the equation and click on insert new equation. Just go to “INSERT” then >> insert equation or select Inc equation to write the formula.

Embed fonts-

embed fonts in PowerPoint
embed fonts

Embed font is a very useful feature, this feature must use in every presentation. PPT files especially when the file shared. Because this feature makes sure that the special font used in the presentation remain same wherever the file will share. The font remains the same even if that font is not installed in others system. To embed the font to your file go “FILE” tab >> options >> save >> check the box “Embed fonts in the file”. Only true type and open type fonts can be embedded.

Compress media (info)-

compress PowerPoint
compress media

This feature I used quite a lot. Actually, this feature is used to compress media files audio. Videos etc. if you use videos in your presentation then this feature is for you. It will reduce your size and makes easy to share with clients. In email. Steps to Compress click on “FILE” menu >> compress >> compress presentation.

Quick access toolbar-

quick access toolbar in PowerPoint
quick access tool

Quick access toolbar option allows users to edit the toolbar as you need. I.e. you can make custom toolbar as a user want user can add the tools that frequently use to make a presentation. Go to “FILE” then “options” then select “Quick Access Toolbar” now add the tools that you use frequently.

Recover files-

recover unsaved file in PowerPoint
recover unsaved file

Hey, have you just forgot to save your last edited presentation? Don’t worry this feature could be your solution and save your time. So, this feature provides the option to recover last unsaved files, if the user mistakenly closed the PowerPoint software then this feature automatically saved a backup of the file that can be recovered. How to recover powerpoint presentationClick on file menu >> open >> scroll down and click on recover unsaved presentations.

Bonus tricks-
Custom animation - This feature is used to animate all the objects in the presentation.
Eyedropper tool - If you want to set the same exact same color for all the objects then eyedropper tool is here to do it.
Merge shapes - this feature I used to create custom shape styles.
There are also some most usable features in Ms-PowerPoint such as,
Morph transition, Shift + Alt + down, Filter text (insert), Slideshow trick, Gridlines, Smart lookup, Slideshow loops, Remove background, Tell me what you want to do.


 At the last my word, there are lots more feature available in Ms-PowerPoint which is very useful and it can’t be described in one post without practical but I have tried to mention the most useful feature that is often used. So, now you can try it yourself. 

Thank you!

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