How to show hidden files on windows 10/7/8

Windows operating system has to hidden files type-
I)   Normal hidden type and
II)  System Protected hidden type
View normal hidden files and folders:-
     Just follow the simple steps to show Normally hidden folders, these steps are applicable to all windows operating system like windows10, windows8, windows7. But it is easier to show hidden files and folders in Windows 10. I will tell you how. Read to the last very carefully.
      Show hidden files and folders with simple steps:-
Open “Control panel” find “File explorer options” under the “Appearance and personalization" click to open it.

      Click on the “View” tab to open it, then check the box named as “Show hidden files, folders and drives” under “hidden files and folders” then  Click on “Apply” and “OK” to save the setting.
View System protected hidden files and folders:-
    When showing normally hidden type folder window will continue to hide system protected hidden files. If you want to show protected files you need to follow another step-
Open “Control panel” find “File explorer options” under the “Appearance and Personalization” and click to open it click on the “View” tab to open it, then uncheck the box named as “Hide protected operating file systems(Recommended)”

One pop-up will appear to click “yes”
then click on “Apply” and “OK” to save the settings.
     If you want to hide again those protected files re-check the box “Hide protected operating file systems (Recommended)”.
Show hidden files on Windows 10/8:-
    Open “My Computer” Click on “View” tab check the box named “hidden items” This option will show you normal hidden type files. If you want to show system protected files you can easily jump to “File explorer options” just click on “Options”.

After that follow the above steps.
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