How to hide folders in windows 10/8/7

Just follow the simple steps:-
Open properties-
Select the folder or file which you want to hide. Right-click the mouse to the folder, select properties from the option, Now general tab you can see the option hidden under attribute. Just check that option.
hide files windows 10

If you are going to hide a folder [non-empty] a pop-up will appear asking you Asking about.
     (i)  Apply changes to this folder only. And   
     (ii) Apply changes to this folder, sub-folders, and files.
hide folders windows 10
Apply changes to this folder only:
 With selecting this option only your selected folder will hide that means Hidden attribute will only be applied to that particular folder. Don’t worry when this particular folder will hide all the sub-folder will hide.
Apply changes to this folder, subfolders, and files:
     Select this option you want to apply the Hidden attribute to all the folders and subfolders under that particular folder. Now click on apply then OK to save the settings.
    That’s it all done. Now your file or folder will be hidden. To again unhide the files and folders you can follow this article I have explained it easily.
     Thank you! Hope you liked it please comment your thoughts it motivates me a lot. Again thank you! Being happy!

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