How to delete temporary files in windows 10/8/7.

Where all those temporary files can be found?

 You can find temporary files in this location

C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\Temp    (Created by the user while running any software)
C:\windows\Temp                                            (Created by Operating System)
Remember – It’s a hidden folder and you will have first un-hide the system folder.

Also, read- how to un-hide system folders

How to remove temporary files?

To remove or delete temporary files follows this easy steps-
1. Delete using a file explorer
I)    Open Run dialogue box- To open dialogue box hold  [WIN + R]              key
How to remove temporary files

II)   Type %temp%
III)  Select all- To select all hold [Ctrl + A] key
IV)  Press the Delete button

2. Delete using disk clean up

(i)   Open my computer.
(ii)  Select C-drive
(iii) Open properties
(iv)  On general tab click Disk Clean-Up
(v)  Scroll down and select temporary files

How to delete temporary files

(vi)  Click OK then click yes to confirm.

3. Delete using the command prompt

(i)   Hold [WIN + R] key
(ii) Type “cmd to open the command prompt
(iii)  Type “del /q/f/s %TEMP%\*” on cmd

delete temp file

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