How to change folder icon in windows 10/8/7 (2020)

change folder icon
Change folder icon
   To change the default icon you can use the default windows icon library but most of them are not good looking I don’t like them. I recommend a different icon. So, now you will need some icons to set, you can download icon packs absolutely free from various sources. Also, you can create your own icon.

Note:-  You can download icons from various sources but make sure that it is safe to scan the file before use it may contain malware. 
windows 10 only support .ico, .dll, and .exe typed icons. You can convert any png image to .ico file using various software's.

So, let’s begin the steps to change the folder icon
(i)  For all the windows version this steps will work including windows 10/8/7 etc.
(ii) If you want to change multiple folder icons then you need to follow the same steps for all folders particularly.
(iii) You also can reset the icons that you already have customized.


In the properties tab, you will get all the information related to that folder you have selected, such as the size of that folder, files contained in that folder, date created etc. And basically, here you can do all the customization related to your folder, like sharing folder, hiding folders security permission etc.

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To open the properties tab follow the steps-
(i)  Select the folder you want to customize and click the right mouse button.
(ii) Select the properties option at the button.

Go to Customize
In this tab, you will get the option to customize the folder icon.
(i)  Select the customize tab under the properties tab.
(ii) Now click change icon.

                                             Select custom icon
Now one pop-up window will appear where all windows default icons will appear, You can choose an icon from this system provided.  If you want another custom icon to set that already you have just followed the steps-

(i)  Click on browse on the customize tab.

folder icon

(ii) Pop-up will appear, Now go to your destination folder where you saved all the custom downloaded icons.
(iii) Then select one from them and double-click.
(iv) Then press ok.
(v)  Then press apply
(vi) Press ok
(vii)Now refresh

That’s it. Now you’ll see your custom folder icon appears.
Cong rat’s now you have learned how to set a custom icon to your folder. Share with your techy friends,
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